Pump Hydraulic Properties

Pump Properties in water pressure loss software AutoCAD

The Standard AutoCAD Properties Palette allows user to adjust Pipe Input Properties in this water pressure loss software in AutoCAD. After analysis you can examine the calculated Result Properties such as the water flow, water velocity, pressure drop in that pipe etc. In HydrauliCAD you can edit hydraulic properties exactly as one would edit any AutoCAD object.

water pressure loss software AutoCAD edit palette

Water System Pump Inputs:

User can edit any of the pump input properties shown in the Palette: Select a Pump Curve, Set Direction, Speed, Elevation, Coordinates, Group, Zone and all Tags etc., and any of the inherent properties

Water System Pump Results:

This pump software palette displays Actual Outflow, Pressure / Head Increase under current system conditions, Outlet Water Pressure / Head, HGL and Status (on of off).

Viewing and Editing Hydraulic Objects in General

Further hydraulic objects are junctions, valves, tanks, pumps and reservoirs. Each type is edited in the very same manner using the familiar AutoCAD properties palette.

This applies to single HydrauliCAD water pressure loss software AutoCAD hydraulic objects as well as to mass editing of any number of objects selected as a group.

The groups of objects to be edited can be obtained by manual selection, via a saved selection set or obtained via HydrauliCAD’s special query tools in this program.