User Settings are ALL in AutoCAD Options

User Settings in water system design software in AutoCAD

We are especially proud of how HydrauliCAD presents User Settings in Options. It is easy, versatile  and straightforward to create and edit your personal settings in the familiar Options used by this water system design software in AutoCAD.
water system design software in AutoCAD
Further, all User Settings are created one-time only. HydrauliCAD allows easy transfer to other water pipe design software AutoCAD drawings. ( See Transfer User Settings between Drawings).

For details of individual User Settings, see Top Navigation Link Bar at top of page User Settings in Options”

Sections of this water system design software in AutoCAD

General Area: (the page visible upon opening Options) The “Copy Rules” which determine which Properties to match using our custom modified Match Properties Tool, introducing Drawing Elevations of the water supply system into the Objects themselves, etc.

Hydraulics Area: The basic Hydraulic Analysis Settings that determine the Formula used and how the Calculations are performed.

Time Step Area: Where the particulars of all Time Step Settings are set.

 Fire Flow Area: Where all water supply system Fire Flow settings / requirements are set, ready for the water system design software in AutoCAD Scenario Engine to Run Fire Flow Scenarios.