About HydrauliCAD: water network design software in AutoCAD

HydrauliCAD Software
Vancouver Canada and Blaine WA, USA

Why It Is the Very Best and Why it is The “Designer’s Program”

The president of HydrauliCAD Software, Ralph Armour, a 30 year water system designer, is the owner and creator of HydrauliCAD water network design software in AutoCAD based in Vancouver BC and Bellingham WA USA.

A career water system designer, he led his water system design company to many successful high level projects throughout North America, from Fort Myers Fla. to Toronto Canada to Columbia Falls Montana to Vancouver Canada and many in between. He also completed several projects in Asia.

Ralph was and is the inspiration, planner, “program requirements” specifier and leader of the team of professionals involved in the developments and ongoing evolution of HydrauliCAD software.

As a user of several water network design software in AutoCAD programs to complete his own work, Ralph had always felt that most Design / Hydraulic Analysis Modeling programs were cumbersome, overpriced and designed to be far more difficult to learn and use than was necessary.
He also felt that they seemed to focus on areas that might be fun for University Profs to get hypothetical with, but did not focus on the areas used daily by most Civil Engineering firms or Municipalities.

HydrauliCAD water network design software in AutoCAD:

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water network design software AutoCAD
The end result is a water network design software in AutoCAD program that is the very best out there in the areas that most water network designers actually use, truly Intuitive and easy to use, while extensive with tools designed specifically for this purpose.
As Ralph often says, “HydrauliCAD Isn’t Cheap, but it is more reasonably priced than those where apparently most energy and money were spent on little used areas, at the expense of the tasks most used by real world designers.”

Another area he wished to deal with was the elimination of annual, tutorial and support fees. Thus, this product eliminates these fees. Once you have bought it, you own it and are able to get support with no additional cost.

An hour or two free by-phone tutorial to get new users familiar with basics is a standard for HydrauliCAD. More if need later is also welcome.

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