Options: Demand Patterns

DEMAND TIME PATTERNS in sizing water pipe software in AutoCAD

HydrauliCAD’s ”Demand Patterns” are used to determine the Base Demands at any point in time. User can have any number of Styles, quickly switching to what is needed at any time for drawing and for plotting at various scales in this sizing water pipe software in AutoCAD.

sizing water pipe software in AutoCAD
Demand Pattern Editor in AutoCAD Options

< EXAMPLE: Click to enlarge. Demand Time Patterns:
Are attached to any Base Demand to allow for changes over time.

User can create several different Demand Patterns and attach them to any Outlet Junction. Once created, Patterns can be quickly transferred to any other drawing.

We are especially proud of how our User Settings area is set up in AutoCAD Options and how easy, versatile and straightforward it is to create and edit your personal settings.

Further, all User Settings need to be created “One-Time Only”. HydrauliCAD allows easy transfer to other drawings.