Water system design hydraulic analysis watermodeling inside of AutoCAD Epanet

Built to exacting AutoCAD standards, HydrauliCAD runs as part of Civil 3D, Plain, etc. versions 2010 to 2017
Water system design and hydraulic analysis watermodeling inside of AutoCAD using the industry standard Epanet simulation modeling engine

Water system design hydraulic analysis watermodeling inside of AutoCAD using Epanet engine

Specifically Designed For Engineers Desiring:

Easy-to-Use “Solid True AutoCAD” Water Distribution System Design and Watermodeling Software with:

  • No Ongoing Annual Fees
  • No-Cost Personal Tutoring by phone
  • No-Cost Unlimited Support

* Designed for and used by: Engineering Consulting companies, U.S. Government agencies, Municipalities, Universities

water pressure in pipe simulation software epanet

Input and Result Attributes in AutoCAD

It is designed to be part of, to compliment and to be an extension of AutoCAD itself, employing all of today\’s AutoCAD power, flexibility and familiarity.
HydrauliCAD water pipe design software is designed to calculate water pipe pressure loss, water flow in pipes, the water pressure in pipes and all needed object attributes that assist the designer in sizing water pipes. Pipe flow calculations are done seamlessly using the industry standard Epanet calculation engine. This water system design software contains all hydraulic objects including Tanks, Pumps, Reservoirs and all types of hydraulic valves. It produces results for flow, velocity of flow and water pressure at all locations within the drawing.

Design and watermodeling of water distribution system pipe networks autocad

Designed to be: Task-Intuitive

HydrauliCAD is Designed to be Powerful, run Fast, and to be So Intuitive that Task & Tool Methods quickly become “Obvious” for AutoCAD users.
This Water System Design / Hydraulic Analysis Software Program is quickly useful and effective for ALL Disciplines (AutoCAD Designers, Professional Hydraulic Analysis Watermodelers and Project Administrators) At the same time it is Robust and Extremely Fast to design, analyze and model water pipe networks of almost any size and hydraulic complexity.